God & Westerns

I love westerns. To be precise I love old westerns. I have neither the time nor the patience (nor the stomach) for most modern westerns where the bad guy is unbelievably barbaric & bloody but supposedly with good reason. The good guy is mostly good but either wishy-washy or a little bit bad to make his goodness palatable.

No thanks.

I watched John Wayne theater Saturday mornings when I was five years old and proudly proclaimed that he was my boyfriend. What I meant was he was my hero. And how I loved the horses! I grew up watching Fury, My Friend Flicka and the Mickey Mouse Club on Fridays. (That was Western Day.) Oh, and of course, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans–and Trigger, the smartest horse in the movies. One Christmas I received a Dale Evans outfit complete with fringe on the buckskin skirt. I was one happy little cowgirl in the middle of the big city of Seattle.

The good guys did the right thing because it was the right thing to do. They protected the weak, the innocent, the vulnerable. They stood up to the bullies and fought evil.

In the end, the bad guy was brought to justice. The good guy always got the girl. And the horse. As a matter of fact, the girl and the horse preferred the good guy.

There was a real sense of security when justice prevailed and wrongs were made right.

In a world seemingly gone crazy, it is sometimes hard to believe justice will prevail. In our lives right now, we want something hard and fast, something unchanging and good. We want to see the hero win.

God is. God does. God will.

Recently our pastor taught on the book of Malachi, that last book in the Old Testament. Like those Israelites returning from captivity in ancient Babylon, we are God’s treasured possessions.

Like them, our only true and lasting security is God Himself. Like them, our identity, who we really are is found in Him.

God’s purposes will be accomplished. His purposes are good and loving and just because that’s who He is. That’s His character, His heart. We can’t always see it but it remains true. We may not understand what is happening because we see the moment but God sees the big picture and He is working behind the scenes.

His love and His justice will prevail. Wrongs will be made right. The bad guys will not win.

May we be faithful by God’s grace to live our lives as He has called us to. May we be people who love Him, love righteousness and make a difference, no matter how small, in the lives of those God has put in our paths.

I’m not sure if we’ll get the horse in the end, but who knows?

Photograph of my grandfather’s spurs by Anja


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