Hello, I’m Christy.

I always kind of wondered if there wasn’t something wrong with me. Even as a kid, while everyone else seemed to have their feet securely planted on terra firma, I saw stories everywhere. And, of course, I was right smack dab in the middle of them. 

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The Christmas Cactus

The Christmas Cactus sprang into being and kind of surprised me. Out of nowhere, the story line of a feisty young woman traveling to Washington Territory in the 1870s popped into my mind.

I’ve always held a fascination for life in the 1800s, particularly in the west.  I loved to read about the experiences of people who lived then. Granted, everyday life didn’t have the conveniences we have now.  Can you imagine laundry day on the farm?  Washing clothes, bedding, towels, etc. using a washtub and scrub board?  It took fortitude.

But beyond the many physical challenges, there was also the simplicity of family pulling together—being together.  Mamas wiping runny noses.  Dads giving piggyback rides.  Tiny hands learning to cut out gingerbread men.  Lullabies.  Bedtime prayers.

In The Christmas Cactus, I wanted to portray those aspects of life in 1873. Challenges, yes.  Triumphs, laughter, and tears, certainly.  But most of all, when all is said and done, I wanted to portray the making of a family.

available autumn 2021 in hardcover, paperback, and kindle
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I hope you'll check out this light-hearted, true-to-life tale of integrity and patient love. Editing it was a breath of fresh air!

The romance in this story is so gentle and real, it almost sneaks up on you as you read! The relationships and personalities are genuine; the story and character development is excellent. Christy's stories are wholesome for the soul and spirit.

Venke A.

The Christmas Cactus is the perfect cozy Christmas story for anyone who enjoys sweet romances, charming characters, and plucky heroines who are know to wield frying pans on occasion to protect their family.

Natasha Metzler, author

Move over mail-order brides, Christy Martenson has you beat with this delightful "God-ordered" bride story.

Christy Martenson created a world of love and joy, introducing her readers to characters who become friends and crafting a storyline that was beautifully full of family, strength, and perseverance.

Jenni Marie, photographer and storyteller

Halstad House

It all started with a name.

While visiting friends, we sat down to watch a movie about Norwegian resistance during World War II. I was caught up in the story but when the credits rolled, the name Halstad piqued my interest. Then, for some unknown reason, the word “house” popped into my mind and I linked the two together.

A completely different story began to take shape. A boarding house? Yes. Over the next few days the setting, plot, and characters unfolded. Grace, Soren, Allie, Ethan, and all the others.

It all started with one name from a random movie. Just one name and Halstad House was born.

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Praise for Halstad House

Halstad House is a sweet postwar story about a woman, her young daughter, and their life as they run their home as a boarding house. The relationships are fun to read about and the whole book has this sweet feel that's reminiscent of books from another era.

Christy Martenson
The whole book has this sweet feel that's reminiscent of books from another era.
Christy Martenson
Love, Mary Elisabeth by Christy Martenson

Love, Mary Elisabeth

Mischievous kids. Nosy cows. Pig-headed horses. I was convinced my father grew up on a funny farm. Stories of his childhood peppered my youth – transporting me back to life in the boonies in the early part of the 20th century.

The tales became legend and I determined to save them. I began to write. And came up with a rambling list of events. Boring. All of a sudden an eleven-year-old girl popped into my mind, waving at me frantically. She could move to the farm. She could live out those stories first-hand. She could have her very own book.

I grabbed the idea and ran with it. Love, Mary Elisabeth was born.

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Praise for Love, Mary Elisabeth

Real-life tales skillfully woven into a fictional setting, these country adventures ring true to life and human nature. An innocent and joyful read.

Elisabeth Adams, writer and editor

Christy Martenson

Elisabeth Adams, writer and editor

Real-life tales skillfully woven into a fictional setting, these country adventures ring true to life and human nature. An innocent and joyful read.
Christy Martenson

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